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    Hair Trainer-PT Akasha Wira International Tbk

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    PT. Akasha Wira International Tbk was founded on 6th March 1985 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our reason for being is to bring the best consumer solutions to enhance customer's quality of life.
    The company is engaging in two business segments :
    a) BEVERAGE : Akasha International currently produces and distributes Nestlé® Pure Life® in Indonesia under the license and supervision from Nestlé Water SA.
    b) BEAUTY CARE : In 2010 Akasha International expanded its business scope to the cosmetics business by acquiring a company engaged in the production of hair care products under the brand Makarizo. In 2012, the Company signed an agreement with Procter & Gamble to import, distribute and sell Procter & Gamble products in the premium professional segment (the products distributed through hairstylists) under the brands of Wella Professional, System Professional and Clairol Professional.
    We believe through People, System, Technology and Capital is able to craft our vision. As those four we call as an operational excellent platform. Each platform attempts to achieve world-class capabilities led by committed and obsessed leaderships supported by state-of-the-art yet practical technology and purposed-built processes.

    • Mengelola dan mengeksekusi pelaksanaan demo produk untuk client salon
    • Memberikan pelatihan teknis kepada tim sales dan client salon terkait produk perusahaan
    • Mengembangkan berbagai macam teknik dan metode pengajaran dalam rangka membantu client untuk mengoptimalkan pemakaian produk
    • Membantu Educator untuk menyusun program pelatihan yang sesuai dengan market dan kebutuhan customer
    • Membantu client untuk mengatasi kendala teknis yang terkait dengan produk
    Kualifikasi :
    • Usia maksimal 35 tahun.
    • Pendidikan minimal SMK/Diploma.
    • Berpengalaman minimum 1 tahun di bidang tata rambut.
    • Fresh graduate dari jurusan Tata Kecantikan Rambut diperbolehkan melamar
    • Bersedia ditugaskan di kota lain sesuai kebutuhan perusahaan
    • Berpenampilan menarik.

    Our company vision :
    Indonesia’s large population make up one of the largest markets in the world for consumer goods such as foods, beverages and cosmetics. Thus, the Company is determined to become an important player in the consumer goods business through strengthening distribution capabilities,  product visibility, driving business efficiency and effectiveness, and constantly develop the current organization.
    Our company missions are :
    • Strongly support people’s healthy and quality lifestyle by delivering the best and high quality consumer goods products to consumers in Indonesia.
    • To maintain high quality products and continually improving service excellence through the empowerment of the Company’s human resources.
    • Focus on businesses and areas that are able to provide an added value and to achieve better profitability.

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